We are OKR enthusiasts that drive
outcome focused transformation

Who We Are


“Collectively enable organizations to align their business goals through OKRs”

Why We Exist?
  • Association to collectively enable organizations to align their business goals through OKRs.
  • Ability to bridge strategy to execution.
  • Translation of strategy into action.
  • OKRs are used to achieve the desired outcomes through common goals, shared commitments, and clear accountability



“Enable anyone to transparently align and achieve the desired outcomes in their strategy”

We Want To Drive:
  • An Outcome mindset
  • Businesses to achieve their outcomes with true value driven output
  • Business to achieve their strategy
  • Business to have ability to bridge their strategy and get closer to the work
  • Value driven outputs
  • Bring strategy closer to work
  • Shared commitment across the organization


  • Become the recognized experts on OKRs
  • Foster OKR expertise
  • Connect OKR enthusiasts to drive outcome focus

Our Clients

Our Partners

Our Team

OKR Cohort Team Co Founder

Denise Kanfield

Co-Founder – OKR Cohort

  • Business Agility Leadership Coach and OKRs Expert recognized for being an action-based leader to support leaders and teams through transformational change.
  • Expertise in training, organizational development, operations, and sales leadership which allow her to quickly understand and align her work to the company’s strategy & roadmap for change.
  • Thrives on coaching senior and executive leadership, bringing a ‘meet you where you are’ approach while using data and OKRs to drive meaningful results and lasting adoption.
OKR Cohort Co Founder

Nizar Khoja

Co-Founder – OKR Cohort

  • A thinker, leader and coach. Curious about New Ways of Working, Remote Work, and Digital Enablement!
  • Passionate about finding ways to make organizations awesome through a culture of efficiency, empowerment, engagement and empathy.
  • Extensive experience working in different setups and industries that enable him to implement sustained change within organizations.
  • Firm believer in creating a culture of purposeful and high performing teams to focus on continuous value delivery.

Nazish Khoja

Head of Growth & Strategy – OKR Cohort

  • Technology and Business leader who is passionate about finding opportunities to grow the business with innovative strategies.
  • Extensive experience working with large organizations in different aspects including building and executing strategies, partnerships, executive roadmaps and implementing client and employee impacting programs.
  • Driven by finding new ways to motivate teams to collaborate effectively, actively participate in deriving business goals and believe in programs they are working on to achieve business outcomes.

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