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If your organization is looking for successful OKR Framework adoption but is unsure how to proceed, our OKR Coaching and Mentoring is for you.  This includes one on one or group coaching around fundamentals of OKRs and how to apply the framework.



Coaching designed for individuals, teams and organizations adopting agile practices methods, values and behaviors. The objective is to foster more efficient, transparent, and cohesive teams in order to facilitate improved customer outcomes, solutions, products and services.



Our leadership coaching will support and challenge leaders to understand and apply the OKR framework, leading to an outcome focused mindset.  This executive tailored coaching will enable leaders to inspire and motivate their teams and create OKR alignment across the organization.


OKR implementation


We partner with leaders and OKR Strategists to align, prepare, mobilize, scale and sustain their  implementation of the OKR Framework within organizations.   

This OKR enablement journey is customized to meet leaders in organizations where they are on their path to outcome focused thinking through OKRs. pulvinar dapibus leo.

Agility and OKRs


<Nizar to update> Define the destination for your agile transformation by embedding OKRs from the beginning.  We partner with transformation leaders to enable the success of their program and gain clarity on the purpose and outcomes intended. 

This ensures your agility transformation is on track  by applying OKRs.

Leadership OKRs


Leader led OKRs are what people crave.  We know OKRs can be top down, bottom up or middle out but the most effective implementations have an aligned leadership approach.

We enable that leadership approach by partnering with leaders from the top two levels of the organization to co-create their vertically and horizontally aligned OKRs.

Training and certification

Practitioner & facilitator


The OKR Practitioner certification will prepare you to master using OKRs. You will dive deep into how to articulate, craft, and manifest a purpose and vision supported with well-defined outcomes around your strategy. You will be introduced to the Objectives and Key Results framework and learn how to write meaningful OKRs, put measures in place to track success and anchor outcomes to your strategy. 

The OKR Facilitator certification enables you with the ability to facilitate all levels of the OKR life cycle in your organization (or customers), from the development of good Objectives and Key Results to the deployment of strategic, tactical and operational goals, monitoring and closure with good governance and discipline. 


If you are looking to embed OKRs in your agile transformation and continuous learning culture, then this course is for you. The Agile mindset is  focused on the creation of a flexible, collaborative, self-organizing environment that embraces change. While early and continuous delivery of value, such as working systems/products enables adaptability, true organizational agility requires aligning each output with desired outcomes. 

As with shifting to an Agile mindset, adopting the OKR framework requires an agile approach to goal setting. There must be alignment around a common goal, transparency, and tracking of progress. We will discuss a pragmatic approach to implementing agile practices that promote flexibility, while the OKR framework will aim to align strategic goals and execution. 



This certification will help you to be an OKRs expert as well as the logistical and philosophical driving force behind the effort.  It will enable you to embed OKRs in how you work. 

Among the OKR Strategist many crucial duties are:  

  • Guiding and synchronizing the OKRs Journey,
  • Inspiring and motivating leadership and employees to be outcome focused,
  • Serving as the consultant for OKRs discussion
  • Evaluating and defining the platform for OKRs,
  • Collaborating with the C-level suite on progress

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